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The Quality Roofing Services team supplies expert roofing repairs or installation work in South Florida, call us today!

Our method to your quote:

We have consistently thought that people do not wish to be pressured into big decisions and over the years we have understood that is certainly the case. So our method is simple and straightforward:

  1. We’ll come out, approximate your job by taking measurements, digital images and talk to you, after which we leave
  2. We then can easily e-mail, fax or mail you your quote
  3. We next look forward to your phone call
  4. You get a precise price and fully worded scope of work with all the details – then we’ll arrange the work whenever you are prepared to proceed

It’s simple. There isn’t any pressure – you decide.

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We will make you aware of all your options

  • Repair (least expensive, but usually not very attractive)
  • Restore (best all around value, but not always possible)
  • Replace (usually most expensive and sometimes necessary)

6 Critical Factors that make up the cost for Repair, Restoration or new roof…

1. Roof size – pitch

2. Roof complexity – number of valleys, ridges, skylights, decking, subsurface issues

3. Materials – this will depend on quality and warranties desired

4. Labor – pretty standard across the industry

5. Overhead – this will vary, typically the bigger the company the more the overhead

6. Profit – this will vary, no two roofing contractors will be alike

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